a.l.l Nomination Form a.l.l Nomination Form

a.l.l Nomination/Recommendation Form

Thank you for endorsing a candidate for a.l.l. We appreciate your desire to develop courageous professionals motivated to lead processes of change in your organization or among networks or communities with whom you are familiar.

You might be an employer interested in nominating and sponsoring an employee in this process or you might be referring outstanding candidates from your network who would be interested in and qualified for this opportunity. For each candidate you recommend, please fill out a new form.  

If the candidate is accepted to a.l.l, they will be required to fully participate in three international seminars during 2017. (March 30-April 5, 2017, June 26-July 1, 2017 and October 15 -19, 2017).

The total expense of the program is $1,500. We see this as a valuable professional development opportunity. We therefore suggest employers contribute to the program fee if the participant is accepted. We suggest a nominating organization pay $1,200 towards the fee and the participant pays $300. 

Additional comments section:

At a.l.l. we are looking to build a diverse cohort of individuals who:

  • demonstrate experience leading processes of change
  • have the potential to think from a broader systemic perspective
  • show an eagerness to think differently and experiment
  • can articulate their professional purpose motivated by their values


Please explain why you are recommending this individual as a candidate for a.l.l. and how this individual reflects the qualities and characteristics outlined above. How do you think this candidate can uniquely contribute to a diverse global cohort? 

Comments of endorsement: 

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* To what extent do you recommend the candidate for participation in a.l.l

Information submitted in this form is for application purposes only. Personal information submitted to the Jewish Agency for Israel will not be shared with any third party. By submitting this form you agree for a.l.l program faculty to contact the candidate through the contact information provided.​